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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new security measures at a san mateo elementary school where a child was abducted here about ten days ago. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. and a search continues for two fishermen lost after their boat capsized off the coast of half moon bay. police looking for who's responsible for a drive-by shooting on highway 101. taking a live look outside at the glorious bay bridge. it's monday, october 1st. this is "today in the bay." let me double check that. that means september is already gone? >> october, can you believe it? get those pumpkins out. >> yeah, how about that. i'm jon kelley. good to see you, everybody. >> an i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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i don't know about the pumpkins, though, they'll melt out there. we want to check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. the calendar says the 1st day of october. the temperatures read late august. we have possibly the hottest day of the year to get through, and this morning your lows are part of the reason why. we're starting out very mild, plenty of 60s out there. as we head throughout the afternoon, triple digit-plus heat, even hotter than yesterday. we have a lot to talk about in your full forecast. we're also keeping those showers in the mix. first off, we want to check your drive. >> good morning. hey, folks, we're looking at san jose traffic. the volume pretty light right now. if you're getting into the south bay, wee going to talk about mission, getting onto southbound or northbound 880, the connector ramp is currently closed so you'll use auto mall parkway as a great connector. we'll show you the peninsula, an easy flow of traffic northbound with the headlights coming up toward and passing university
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avenue. that shopping center still closed so it's quiet there as well. we'll give you a note about the north bay in the next report. back to you. it is 4:32. happening now, the coast guard continuing its search around the clock for two missing boaters whose boat capsized near pigeon point. two of the men were wearing life jackets. they swam to shore. the other two still missing this morning. they were not wearing life jackets. the coast guard searched the water by both helicopter and boat overnight. coming up at 5:00 this morning we'll hear from the family of one of the missing men in a live report. parents at an elementary school in san mateo will notice some changes this morning when they drop off their kids. that school is tightening their campus safety policy after a 9-year-old girl was dragged out of the girls bathroom less than two weeks ago. bob redell is live outside parkside elementary school where the new safety measures will be
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taking place starting this morning. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. some of those measures were implemented last week. most all of them should be in effect by tomorrow -- excuse me, by this morning. for example, from now on all visitors must sign in at the front office and wear a badge. parents can no longer go on campus here to drop off or pick up their child. they must do their hellos and goodbyes at the main entrance. that area is a choke point, if you will, so the school can control comings and goings of people on campus. here's the change that's most noticeable. notice a brand new gate on the against. they have gates up there and all the gates are locked. but you will notice the fence is relatively short, only a few feet tall. that's an issue that the school was discussing last week, the possibility of raising the fence perimeter around the school. these new measures are in
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response to what happened here ten years ago -- excuse me, ten days ago on friday the 21st. police say bradley morozak followed a 9-year-old student into the bathroom, groped her and took her to a location off campus, covering her mouth along the way. this was around 2:45 in the afternoon. once off campus she did kick the 25-year-old man, threw rocks at him and escaped. she made it back to the school where they called 911. he was arrested eventually. he will be in court tomorrow and could enter a plea against numerous charges against him, including kidnapping and child molestation. earlier that morning he was kicked off another elementary school campus because he was acting suspicious. and near a third campus he offered booze to two students near there and said something inappropriate to another. reporting live here, bob redell, "today in the bay." belmont police are looking for witnesses who may know more about a bizarre crash and
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shooting along highway 101 over the weekend. the shooting happened in belmont but officers shut down more than three and a half miles of freeway between ralston avenue and holly street causing major traffic delays for several hours. investigators say a red dodge charger was driving south on 101 around 3:30 when someone drove it beside it and started shooting. the charger crashed into the fence, injuring the woman and two men inside. the other car drove off and police are still looking for it. >> right now we have the charger with multiple bullet holes in it and injured occupants. we're still actively investigating this case, so if anyone saw any -- the shooting, anything leading up to the shooting or anything after the shooting, including the crash, we'd appreciate any information we could get. >> all three victims were taken to the hospital. investigators went to meet with them last night but no information has been released. the man accused of killing
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seven people at an oakland university is now set to appear in court today. he is facing murder and attempted murder charges in the april shooting spree in oakland. he's expected to be in court for a pretrial hearing today. goh was a nursing student when you opened fire on his classmates and a teacher killing seven people. opening statements are set to begin this morning in the murder trial of gisele esteban. she is accused of killing michelle le and dumping her body in may of last year. le's body was found four months later. esten blamed le for wrecking her relationship with her former boyfriend. the trial is expected to last a month. the south bay mom accused of using her daughter was a shoplifting accomplice could be in court today. 38-year-old marcy keel inwas arrested in nevada on friday.
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she could have an extradition harg today. on friday she allegedly abducted her 11-month-old son. police say he is okay. that is good news. she was wanted for shoplifting from a morgan hill safeway. she and her 10-year-old daughter allegedly stole more than $150 worth of groceries. whether they were able to get away with it, keelin drove off and left her daughter outside that store. pg&e will be conducting pipeline tests on the peninsula today. between 1:00 and 3:00, people living near 280 and 92 interchange may smell natural gas. pg&e says the work is part of its pipeline safety program and crews will try to control the odor and noise. new this morning, the boy scouts of america say it will inform police and sheriffs department about a suspected list of abusers that once worked in their ranks. the abusers are named in a perversion file the scouts association has allegedly kept for decades.
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a court has ordered them to release the files from 1965 to 1985 sometime this month. the order has prompted the organization to go through the file and report any offenders to the police. the hot weather is expected to continue today and it may be behind the death of a concord woman. police say an 86-year-old woman wandered off from her assisted living home in concord yesterday afternoon. when temperatures were about 100 degrees. officers later found her body at the fair oaks elementary school. health officials say stay indoors during this heat wave. today's heat is actually triggering another spare the air day. the weather is expected to reach unhealthy levels for a third day in a row. we're all being asked to cut pack on driving and avoiding certain outdoor activities. this is actually the tenth spare the air alert of the year. 4:38, spare the air, lots of heat. christina loren, when's it going
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to cool off a little bit? >> basically we have a roller coaster ride with a very steep downslope. temperatures are going to drop like a rock but we are starting out with potentially the hottest day of the year for the 1st day of october. we want to start with this live, crystal clear picture over san francisco. get this, guys, san francisco 80 degrees today. i know, i am not kidding you. you have warm, you have hot and you have are you kidding me, like laura said. and we have fallen into that category but this is part of the reason why. completely clear offshore winds are the reason for the warmup and very strong ridge of high pressure. this morning what's interesting is high pressure is just about as strong as yesterday but look at where we're starting. 62 degrees to start in san jose. you're starting close to 60 in san francisco. the sun will be in full force right off the bat. hazy sunshine. it is a spare the air day. if you have respiratory issues, suffer from asthma, try to limit your outdoor activity.
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i want to show you those winds still coming out of the east-southeast. those are our offshore winds. 103 in fairfield and livermore, 80 in san francisco, 90 degrees in oakland and 94 right here in san jose. as we head throughout the week, we get much cooler, we get some rain. we'll talk about that coming up. your seven-day forecast is ready to go. 4:40. >> that temperature in oakland might affect the game tonight too, so keep that in mind. here's the golden gate bridge. obviously an easy drive. a little wind keeping things clear here. oracle world set up last week friday so they're in full force. howard street, market will be congested leading into this weekend. looking over to the north bay we have a smooth drive. chp marin county saying early warning for commuters. they're doing speed team
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enforcement for 101 south novato to san rafael. whatever it takes, safety first. highway 37, minor construction blocking one lane in either direction through vallejo but not a concern. a light flow of traffic at the bi bay bridge and crystal clear view of the east shore freeway. the a's magic number is now down to one. that means oakland needs one more win to clinch a playoff spot which could come as early as today. taking on the texas rangers. they can also make it to the playoffs if the angels and rays lose one more game. only three games left in the regular season. a three-game home stand gets under way starting at 7:05. the giants have secured that playoff spot but they're not about to cruise quietly interest the postseason. the giants start a three-game
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set tonight in los angeles against those arch rival dodgers. 4:42. just a few days until the first presidential debate. both sides are really gearing up. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. also the supreme court returning to work at that. the key cases that would be on that docket. and the newest online retailer that wants to bring you wine for christmas. >> i like it.
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the oracle open world continues today in san francisco where last night chief executive larry ellison kicked things off and outlined his newest vision, a new cloud system he says is better and faster than the competition. oracle already has a cloud system but this new one is meant to go directly head to head with amazon and google. the oracle open world runs through thursday. 4:45. the world's largest online retailer will be uncorking a new service. planning to settle bottles of wine starting this holiday season. the company says it's hoping to form a partnership with nearly 100 wineries from across the country. bottles will be shipped from the vineyard while amazon takes a
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cut of all the sales. the service should begin this holiday season. well, some big names being tossed around should president obama decide to replace timothy geithner. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn it other to seema mody live at cnbc headquarters. seema, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. quick check on the markets right now. futures are higher as wall street begins the first day of the fourth quarter. the third quarter was positive for the markets. the dow was 4% and the nasdaq was up 6%. today we get numbers on manufacturing and construction spending and fed chairman ben bernanke speaks this afternoon. the dow falling 48 points on friday, the nasdaq losing 20 points. if president obama is re-elected one of his first priorities may be to find a replacement for treasury secretary tim geithner.
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geithner has hinted more than a year he wants to leave. the "wall street journal" reports chief of staff jack lu and erskine bowles are top candidates. bowles co-chaired the white house deficit commission in 2010. back to you. >> okay, thank you very much. we'll check back a little later on. first day of october going to feel like july. >> it's not going to feel good. it is not going to feel good at all. >> in the pool. >> yeah, in the pool if you can jump into the ocean, it's actually going to be refreshing today. you're getting some pretty warm temperatures out there in the pacific, if you have the luxury of not having to go to work. if you do have to go to work, you want to get right to the shady spot before the other guy does because it's going to be hot out there or just do what i do, bring your windshield visor. temperatures are looking good out there right now. crystal clear conditions to start. no marine layer, no fog to tell
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you about anywhere over the greater bay area. that's going to be the case today. that's the reason why we're starting out so warm. we're going to really be warm this afternoon. calm winds for now coming out of the northeast, which is an offshore flow. we let this thing run for you. this futurecast is searching for fog. we stop at 11:00, still mostly clear. you won't be able to see the marine layer, it's that far out to sea. we continue that futurecast and at 11:00 p.m., still offshore at that point. now, tomorrow morning at this time i think we will see a little bit more low cloud cover and that will bring a cooler day by ten degrees. we've got to get through today first. some of these temperatures are downright dangerous. you want to really stay hydrated today and monitor, just monitor your conditions. you don't want anybody suffering from heat exhaustion. 101 in concord, 90 in fremont and 80 in san francisco. remember, it's when you stop sweating that you have an issue. so i'm going to post all the
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warning signs of heat exhaustion on my facebook page, help you guys stay cool out there. mother nature will cool us down. look at this dropoff. temperatures just crash to the 70s. as we head through saturday and sunday, and we are talking about a whole other weekend as we get into saturday and sun. cool, cloudy conditions, 70s inland. 68 degrees bayside and 63 degrees with a few showers up in the north bay by sunday. so some major temperature swings, a roller coaster ride, we're going down, guys, we are going down. we've got to get through today first. back to you. >> appreciate the warning, christina, thank you very much. we'll check back. 4:49. the u.s. supreme court is beginning a new term with a full plate of controversial cases on that docket. frances coe has a preview. >> reporter: the nine justices of the u.s. supreme court will begin a new court on monday. one that could bring rulings on voting rights, gay marriage and affirmative action. one case involves the practice
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of considering race for college admission. abigail fisher sued after she was rejected by the university of texas at austin. >> there were people in my class with lower grades who weren't in all the activities that was in that were being accepted into ut and the only other difference between us was the color of our skin. >> reporter: but defenders of the practice say students are better prepared by a more diverse school experience. >> the best way to get to racial diversity is to consider race in an individualized way that looks at the whole applicant. >> reporter: the defense of marriage act signed by president bill clinton is also facing numerous challenges. the law states that the federal government will only recognize traditional marriages, meaning no federal benefits action even where same-sex marriage is legal. >> same-sex couples are denied hundreds of different rights and benefits that are provided to married different sex couples under federal law. >> reporter: on the docket as well, whether to curtail parts of the historic voting rights
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act of 1965. it mandates federal oversight for states with a history of voting discrimination when changing any rules for elections. challengers say the law is outdated and unnecessary. a big lineup of cases that could change the landscape of civil rights in america. frances coe, nbc news. a little more than a month away from decision 2012 and this week the presidential debates begin. president obama and mitt romney both preparing for their first debate in denver wednesday night. republicans are calling for more pressure on the president's foreign policy. in today's "wall street journal" romney calls mr. obama's policies dangerous. both sides are downplaying expectations, giving credit to each other as strong debaters. >> obama is going to be formidable and ike it will be a good debate but i certainly would not underestimate what
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barack obama brings. >> he's a good debater. i'm just okay. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing. >> both sides are already planning their post debate rallies. romney is in virginia with paul ryan on thursday. president obama is staying in colorado. >> wednesday night big one, number one. >> thursday morning will be big here. >> a lot to talk about. a bay area haven to techies has now been saved from closure. we'll have the details coming up next. plus after three straight days of talks, we'll tell you if the sharks are going back on the ice any time soon. and we're looking at traffic back on 880 here. a smooth drive through fremont. let's see how the roadways are going coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you. you know, it's not looking too good for shark fans. three days of talks and the nhl and players association appear to be no close tore a deal. the two sides spent the weekend behind closed doors but didn't get to the big issue of money. they did talk health and safety and drug testing, though. the silver lining, both sides could actually return to the negotiating table tomorrow. a local community center for computer programmers is safe for now due to some generous
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donations. mountain view's hacker dojo has raised $250,000 it needs to keep its space. the city gave that group until december to modify its building to comply with city codes. that meant installing fire sprinkler sprinklers, handicapped accessible restrooms and fire exits. 4:56. still early but we want to check the morning commute with mike. >> first i want to show you this full-screen shot. i know i just showed you the volume of traffic at the bay bridge. look at the bottom of your screen, the diamond lanes, the two at the very bottom. someone just a few minutes ago and it was too quick for me to hit record, but they were backing out of that car pool lane area. if you actually go through that area, keep going through because backing up on the freeway is going to cause more problems than going through and settling it out with caltrans. they'll understand. we'll look to the san mateo bridge. westbound no problems at the
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toll plaza or across the span. fremont, a live volume. back to you. it's 4:57. oakland apologizing this morning after a weekend event gets a little too loud for neighbors. >> plus the question is, is it you they're looking for? we'll tell you where the latest winning super lotto ticket was sold. hello. >> here i am. i'm right here. i wasn't on the 405 this weekend. not a lot of people actually were. no major tie-ups reported. it was carmageddon 2 with a little fanfare. people just trying to use the interstate as their play ground, whatever that means. four roller bladers were out there on the road. a few pedestrians cited so get off that roadway this morning. a lot more ahead. stick around.
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